Filling Lines is a New HTML5 Puzzle Game by AtrangiGames. In this connection game, you should connect each shape to its similar, in order to fill the puzzle in the correct order. If you do not connect the shapes in the correct order, you will not win the level. This puzzle game is available in our store to purchase. You can buy the HTML5 game licenses and use the game on your portal, website, or app. All the assets of the HTML5 puzzle game “Filling Lines” are designed by AtrangiGames including graphic design and music. You can use our games licenses for publishing, online game campaigns, your brand, business or your website. We can reskin and customize the game (theme, graphics, music, characters, etc.) according to your requirements and orders. Also, We can implement your brand logo, API, AdMob and AdSense, your links, etc. in our games.

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