Jungle Dash 3D


Running and jumping games are always a blast to play with, but we believe that they can only be even better when animals are involved, and if you can visit exotic places such as jungles, even more awesome, right? That is why right now we give you all the chance to play and have fun with Jungle Dash Mania, an animal chase set in the jungle, like no others before it! The explorer will dash forward by himself, being chased by a bear, and you need to make sure that the bear does not catch up to him because then he gets eaten and you lose the game. Of course, he catches up if you hit obstacles such as spikes, trees, rocks, bones, and others, over which you have to jump by clicking on the screen. The more distance you make before being eaten, the better, because it represents your score, so aim for a big distance and a big score. Also, if you see chests on any of the platforms on the road, go through them, since they give you invulnerability for a few seconds, being able to go through the obstacles and knock them aside It is that fun and simple to enjoy this game, and you can also play it on your mobile device, so do it right now, and make sure to stick around for all the other cool new games that this day has in store for you all!

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